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Who are we?

Keresed a helyet, ahol magad fajta vállalkozó kedvű embereket találsz?

Inspirálódj, tapasztalj, alkoss és nyiss fel új karrierlehetőségeket magad előtt a Demolában!


Te mi akarsz lenni, ha nagy leszel? Legyen a válaszod akár mérnök, közgazdász, jogász, bölcsész, dizájner, sebészorvos vagy más, a mi szempontunkból egy a lényeg: merjél álmodni, tudj másokkal együtt dolgozni, és mi segítünk Neked alkotni!

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We know what you did in the summer!

Though it may seem that  Demola went into vacation mode in the last 2 months, the truth is we were quite busy with our new summer programme SEC a.k.a Summer Evolution Camp. Now that the end is near, it’s time to look back on what happened during these 2,5 months.

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Wait a SEC... Do you have any questions?

Q1. What is SEC?

A1. SEC = Startup Evolution Camp is  a program for talented students held in Demola Budapest during the summer. Our incubated startup projects are looking for talents who would like to collaborate with them on complex challenges.

Q2. What is the duration of the Camp?

A2. 20 June - 2 September 2016

Q3. How many hours do I have to work?

A3.There are no fix working hours, it mainly depends on the project but expect to work around 20-30 hours/week

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Questions...Questions everywhere

Now that the Open Day is behind us, and you got to know our projects and project partners, got a taste of the Demola vibe, saw the place and met the wonderful facilitators and Alumni people who answered all of your questions, everything must be crystal clear and there’s only one thing left to do… apply! However, if you have some more questions, do not worry, we’ve got you covered. Below, we collected a basic info package. If you have further questions which is not included in the list, feel free to contact me at:

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Meet the International Demola Alumni catalysts from Budapest - Vivien & Roland

In our very first interview let me introduce you Vivi and Roland, who were in many Demola projects throughout the Demola semesters, founded Demola Budapest Alumni, and in January they have been selected to participate in the Alumni bootcamp held in Tampere. I asked them about their Demola past, the Budapest Alumni, the Alumni Bootcamp and their plans and visions of the future of Demola Alumni.

For those of you who are not yet Demola members expressions like “Alumni” and “Bootcamp” may sound a little strange but fear not here’s a little help:

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What happened in the last Demola season?

It sounds fancy to have challenges fro company partners and make innovation projects in multidisciplinary team. But what does it mean exactly?

Short version: dealing with people and uncertainty.

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Demola Project applications are on!

Do you want to create something new? Try open innovation!
Apply here until 27 September!

* real challenges of IT, business, design and many other fields
* at a creative coworking space with Miutcánk, Mistory, Hand-In-Scan and many more
* ideation, prototyping, validation, value creation workshops

Visit our open day and follow Demola Budapest to find out more!

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Demola Open Day

An informal expo alike event, where you can meet Demola projects, alumni students and incubated startups as well. 
Come, have a coffee with us and look around!
Find more info here:

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Mistory - knocking on the door of global MS Imagine Cup competition (HUN)

Magyar fejlesztők indulhatnak a világhír felé

Magyarország legígéretesebb fiatal fejlesztői mérkőztek meg a Microsoft  Imagine Cup technológiai verseny magyaroszági fordulójában. A nyertes egy történetalapú, interaktív városfelfedező alkalmazással vehet részt a regionális döntőben.

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