Wait a SEC... Do you have any questions?

Q1. What is SEC?

A1. SEC = Startup Evolution Camp is  a program for talented students held in Demola Budapest during the summer. Our incubated startup projects are looking for talents who would like to collaborate with them on complex challenges.

Q2. What is the duration of the Camp?

A2. 20 June - 2 September 2016

Q3. How many hours do I have to work?

A3.There are no fix working hours, it mainly depends on the project but expect to work around 20-30 hours/week

Q4. Where can I check out the projects of SEC?

A4. On the Demola website @ http://budapest.demola.net/apply

Q5. What if I’m interested in more than one project?

A5. Everybody is going to have a base project but if you are willing to work on more than one project you absolutley can! :)

Q6. Do I have to pay for participating in the program?

A6. No, the program is free of charge

Q7. Do I get a salary?

A7. No, since this it is an educational program for talents therefore it is free of charge.

Q8. Can SEC be counted as an internship/traineeship?

A8. Yes.

Q9. Are we going to work in teams?

A9. It depends on the number of the applicants, but it can happen.

Q10. Where can I apply?

A10. http://budapest.demola.net/apply

Q11. Until what time can I apply?

A11. Until the 29th of May 23.59 CET.

Q12. What is SEC Open day?

A12. SEC Open Day is an expo alike event where you can meet the incubated startups, get to know the projects, have a chat with the teams, drink coffee and meet the Demola staff. Let us know if you come! https://www.facebook.com/events/762637733878139/
*if you missed it, send us our questions

Q13. Will there be a selection process among the applicants?

A13. Yes, everyone is going to be interviewed.

Q14. What do I gain from participating in the program?

A14. You can gain insights of startup life, meet and work together with startup founders, experience different problem fields, collaborate with others, becoming part of an open innovation lab community, make friends, get to know the entreprenuerial workstyle, and continously developing yourself both professionally and personally.

Q15. Where is Demola Budapest?

A15. 1111 Egry József st. 18, V1 building annex C or use google maps ;)

Q16. How can I imagine working during SEC?

There are going to be bi-weekly goals/ jointly set tasks what to work on, which you have to achieve with the support of your startup. You can organize your work hours individually.

Also there are milestones during the program (individual and also for all participants together) to check your development, give and get feedback, attend professional workshops, founder stories and participate in fun stuff like trips and informal gatherings

Q16. What if I have more questions regarding SEC?

A16. Feel free to write us on Facebook :) https://www.facebook.com/DemolaBudapest/?fref=ts