We know what you did in the summer!

Though it may seem that  Demola went into vacation mode in the last 2 months, the truth is we were quite busy with our new summer programme SEC a.k.a Summer Evolution Camp. Now that the end is near, it’s time to look back on what happened during these 2,5 months.

It all started in early June, when we realised that a lot of students face the same problem in summer: they need a place for internship. (Hopefully not one where the biggest responsibility is knowing how the scanning machine works.) As Demola Budapest we are in a lucky position: we also serve as an incubator house, meaning we have resident start-ups and small ventures here from totally different area of expertise. They somehow always are lack of talents… and booom, the idea was born! We are going to do a summer camp for young talents who need a place for internship, who would like to grow both professionally and personally, who are eager to contribute to something meaningful and open to new experience and technologies. Our start-ups were happy to provide the positions for the students, and after our famous SEC video (if you haven’t seen already) and selection phase 24 talent became SEC interns for the first time ever.

The students came from very different educational background: programming, product designing, marketing, chemistry, etc. Some of them worked closely with start-ups like Mistory, Sybrillo or Miutcánk, while others created cool accessories for the souvenir shop of BME, an emergency shelter for disaster areas or a plane with 3D printing. They were given challenging tasks, worked in teams and had facilitators who helped them grow personally as well.  They made friends, gained experience, confidence and leverage.

We held a farewell party for them last week, because all good things come to an end once.  Though it was just a beta version for SEC, don’t worry, from what we’ve seen we are confident that around next June we will come back with the programme ;)


Until then the Demola 2016 Autumn programme is officially here so check out and like our Fb page and come to our Info night on the 7th of September!


See you there,